Theory of Reality

The orgin of colors.

Credit: NASA, ESA


The greatest and most significant question of mankind has always been the question of the meaning of the universe and what is our task in it.

At a time when one so often encounters empty promises, I have no choice but to promise you from the bottom of my heart that you can trust me when I tell you that here, in a quiet moment, you are having the most wonderful and enlightening experience of your life in the most beautiful way.

This is the moment for which I have spent 12 years researching 16 hours a day as an artist, scientist and natural philosopher. In a field that no one has taken seriously and researched in depth before.

Over the past centuries, many revolutionary discoveries have been made at certain intervals that are of the greatest benefit to us. I am very grateful to all the discoverers for this, because they have decisively improved all our lives.

It’s that time once again for someone to unveil the next unbelivable secret, and so today I publish the greatest and most significant discovery of mankind.

It is my duty to make the enormously valuable findings from my unbelievable discoveries available to all people. For this reason I publish online and not in a professional journal. In order to be able to convey this special knowledge to you as the author in a meaningful way, I have also made adjustments to the structure of a conventional publication.

Therefore, in this abstract you will not yet learn how I was able to find out the answers to the most important questions of mankind.

Today I show, explain and prove to you clearly and unmistakably:

  1. The Initiators of the universe
  2. The reason why it was created
  3. The reason why another form of intelligence must exist in it
  4. That art serves a completely different purpose than we ever thought before
  5. That black and white, their grey and the resulting colors out of it are something completely different from what we have been able to explain with our scientific, artistic and philosophical approach so far
  6. The solution of one of the largest and most insurmountable problems of the physics world, the quantum entanglement behind the double slit (quantum eraser), without mathematics and physics, because it has neither something to do with space, time or information transfer.
  7. The Grand unified Theory of Everything (in sense)

„If someone had told you 120 years ago that space and time are relative, you would have thought he is crazy, you turned around and walked away. “

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