Theory of Reality

The orgin of colors.

Credit: NASA, ESA


The discovery that changes everything. At the end of my publication „Theory of Reality“ you will live in a so incredibly more fantastic and enriched reality that you would never have regretted anything more than not having read it.

This is the moment for which I researched 12 years 16 hours a day as an artist, scientist and natural philosopher. In a field that no one has ever taken seriously and closely researched before. In the last few centuries, at certain intervals, many revolutionary discoveries have been made that are of enormous benefit to us today. And for this I am incredibly grateful to all the discoverers, because they have significantly improved all our lives. It is once again time for someone to reveal the next incredible secret and so today I present to you the most valuable discovery of all mankind.

It is my duty to make the valuable discoveries and findings accessible to everyone. For this reason, I publish online and not in a professional magazine. In order to be able to convey the knowledge to you in a meaningful way, I have also made adjustments to the conventional structure of a common publication.

As the autor of this publication it is my responsibility that I do not explain you now in this abstract already how I came into the position to find the answer to the most important questions of mankind:

I show, explain and prove to you today in over 100 pictorial records

  1. The creators of the universe
  2. The reason why it was created
  3. The reason why another form of intelligence must exist in it
  4. That art serves a completely different purpose than we thought before
  5. That black and white, their grey, and the resulting colors out of it are something completely different than we could have ever imagined with our previous way of looking at things
  6. The solution of one of the largest and most insurmountable problems of the physics world, the quantum entanglement behind the double slit (quantum eraser), without mathematics and physics, because it has neither something to do with space, time or information transfer.
  7. The Grand unified Theory of Everything (in sense)

Because the ways and means of finding out these answers are so far ahead of your time that I must first explain a few basic things in the following foreword, the introduction and the first chapter.

The whole publication is written as simple as possible, but not simpler, and as understandable as possible. Who quickly read over here, however, will not come into the pleasure to understand things that change his entire world view. Who really reads, and understands what I have found out how, will lead an enriched life in a completely new and much more fantastic reality.

If someone had told you 120 years ago that space and time are relative, you would have thought he is crazy, you turned around and walked away.

„That you can’t imagine it yet doesn’t mean it isn’t so.“

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